Pascal Ancel Bartholdi at the New Space Gallery

Pascal Ancel Bartholdi is a French photographer based in London. His work conjures up atmospheric stories. His photographs are layered pieces, developing only from film he concentrates on enhancing the monochromatic nature of the images.

In a world swamped by advertising and colourful prints Bartholdi offers people an escape route. When faced with his images you are taken on a journey into another place, often filled with strange shadows and creatures. The viewer is invited in through an open composition. His work neither focuses on the monumental or the mundane but slips gracefully between the two. Objects which in reality are small become gigantic figures against exotic backgrounds.

Bartholdi never uses digital photography or trickery, instead opting for illusions and mystery created through lighting and development skills. He is not keen to divulge his techniques believing instead that effects can often be created by chance.

Bartholdi will be exhibiting a small number of his works at the New Space, a boutique arts space in north London. His show aims to present a number of objects in strange and unusual compositions.

New Space is an arts space hidden away on the busy Queens Crescent in Kentish Town. The busy market street belies the peace and quiet to be found at New Space. Behind the glass door and behind the reception desk of the doctors surgery are to be found art works by artists from across the city of London. The airy space provides ample natural light for the art work. Although the New Space is small it provides a perfectly crafted space with a diverse range of shows happening throughout the year. It forms part of the Free Space Gallery network which consists of the Free Space Gallery itself, based within the Kentish Town Health Centre. Art and health are inextricably linked both for those creating art as well as for those viewing art. The Free Space Gallery and New Space seek to provide exhibition space for artists working across the disciplines and do not restrict applicants due to subject matter or vision. Free Space Gallery is based on the ethos of free expression and discussion, providing art as a starting point to debate.

Pascal Ancel Bartholdi’s exhibition of black and white photographs will open with a private view and a chance to meet the artist on Thursday 15th September between 6-9pm and run till November 7th. New Space is open Monday – Friday between 9am and 6pm, excluding Thursday when New Space is open between 10am – 1pm.

New Space
76 Queens Crescent

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Austin Art Galleries

Though Austin is known for being the live music capital of the world, and home to the Texas government, today Austin’s art scene is on the rise with different art collectives and galleries popping up around town. Many of these studios are manned by recent graduates of UT’s studio arts program, giving them a reason to stay in Austin after graduation.

Downtown Austin has recently gained some very classy, upscale galleries. The Lora Reynolds gallery opened in 2005, with an Andy Warhol exhibition of trial proofs and unpublished prints, dating from 1974 to 1986. Recently, they featured a collection of paintings from young Eastern European artists, establishing the Lora Reynolds gallery as the first commercial gallery in Austin with an international program.

Not far from the Reynolds gallery is 4 Walls fine art, which opened its doors in March of last year in the historic Heierman Building built in 1887. Michael Terrazas, the gallery’s founder, got assistance from Rick Black architecture to transform the building into a beautiful open space, with an upstairs studio loft available to traveling artists. Terrazas, who also owns Club Deville and SoCo eatery the Woodland, taps into his other businesses to ensure a deliciously catered reception to accompany their contemporary fine art shows.

The east side of town has seen rapid growth in young, scrappy art complexes, which are using readily available, and affordable, warehouse spaces to show off their creative pieces. The artists who make up Okay Mountain embody the new, young face of the art world, with witty, laid back attitudes complimenting their professional gallery. Though many shows pull from talented local artists, Okay Mountain has also brought in artists from Argentina, Japan, and Egypt. Their open house parties are dramatically different from those downtown, with more of a beer keg party feel, and nearby neighbors, made up of artists and musicians, show up in throngs to add an extra charge to the atmosphere.

Art Palace is within walking distance of Okay Mountain, in an old East Austin home. The Art Palace works differently from the majority of East Austin Studios, by emphasizing works of one of Austin’s emerging artists at a time. Six years ago, the buzz from the art community on the east side of Austin was so loud, the city of Austin, along with a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts, helped fund the East Austin Studio Tour. Once a year, East Austin art studios hold open houses, and make an event out of visiting the various art complexes.

The Arthouse, located on Congress Avenue in the heart of downtown Austin, is the oldest visual art organization in the state. Arthouse was originally named the Texas Fine Arts Association in 1911, and was set up to promote art in the state of Texas. The non-profit group went on to establish the studio art department at UT, and found many of the state’s major art museums. In 2002, the Texas Fine Arts Association changed their name to Arthouse. Arthouse provides contemporary art programming year round, and is free to the public. They also help the local art community by providing affordable health insurance, banking opportunities, and discounts on art supplies. Biennially, the Arthouse gives away the Arthouse Texas Prize, a $30,000 prize given to an up and coming contemporary Texas artist. The Arthouse Texas Prize is the largest regional visual arts award for emerging artists in the United States, helping build homegrown talent.

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Melanoma Nevi Gallery – What is It?

The Melanoma Nevi Gallery, one of many cancer resources, consists of photos and pictures of the dermal component of various melanomas, and provides an invaluable visual aid for the identification of possible malignancies. Malignant melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer. Melanomas belong to a larger group of tumors known as melanocytic tumors, some of which are benign. Melanoma occurs when the normal pigmentation cells is the skin known as melanocytes become cancerous. It usually manifests itself as a Nevus, an abnormally pigmented area of skin.

Most Nevi, or melanocytic neoplasms are benign in nature but have the potential to become cancerous. The appearance of a new mole, or a change in the size and appearance of an existing Nevus may indicate the presence of cancer cells. The ability to distinguish between benign between benign and malignant discolorations and lesions (Nevi) of the skin is aided by the use of the Melanoma Nevi gallery.

The early detection of melanoma increases the likelihood of effective treatment and survival. Visual identification of abnormally pigmented areas of tissue, comprised of nevus cells and known collectively as nevi, are essential to the diagnosis of melanoma. Searches for new moles and other discolorations in the skin need to be done quite frequently to ensure early detection. The responsibility for this phase of the diagnostic procedure falls primarily on the individual patient.

Superficial spreading melanoma is the most frequently identified form of melanoma, accounting for two thirds of all melanoma cases. The irregularly shaped discolorations and skin lesions characteristic of this type of melanoma can often be identified through the use of the Melanoma Nevi Gallery.

Other Nevi that can become cancerous include the Choroidal Nevus, more commonly know as a freckle or a mole. Visible to the naked eye without special equipment, the choroidal nevus found on the skin is a good subject for routine self-examination. The choroidal nevus is also found in the form of a lesion inside the eye, usually only visible by an eyecare professional, and not detectable by self examination.

Spindle cell melanomas usually appear as lesions on the head and neck; they have a fairly unique and characteristic appearance, which makes early detection of spindle cell melanoma possible. Initial visual identification of spindle cell melanoma is also possible through comparison with photos and pictures.

Some promising treatments including the use of monoclonal antibodies have been tested with advanced cases of melanoma. The monoclonal antibody, an antibody produced clones of one specific type of cell, has the ability to target specific cells such as cancer cells.

Embryonic stem cell protein was also found to inhibit the growth of melanoma, and shows promise as one of many cancer treatments.

A confirmed diagnosis of malignant melanoma must ultimately be made by a trained oncologist. Changes in moles and the appearance on new skin discolorations, detected by use of the Melanoma Nevi Gallery should be reported to a qualified physician promptly.

Ian Pennington is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about the Melanoma Nevi Gallery [], please visit Melanoma Treatment Online [] for current articles and discussions.

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Melanoma Nevi Gallery

Do you worry that your irregularly shaped mole may be a fast spreading cancer? A melanoma nevi gallery may be able to put your mind at ease, or tell you that a trip to the doctor is a necessity in your near future. These easy to understand visual aids make it simple to know whether you should worry about an irregular area of pigmentation on your skin by allowing you to compare your own symptoms to pictures of melanoma and nevi.

Many people simply don’t know what melanoma and other skin cancers look like in various stages. Getting appointments with doctors and dermatologists every time their is a slight change in one’s skin may be impractical, costly, and even impossible. An online melanoma nevi gallery will make it easy to see whether your mole needs medical attention. You can simply find a mole that is similar to yours and see whether it was cancer or not. This may be all the information you need to make an informed decision.

A melanoma nevi gallery can’t diagnose your problem the way a physician might, but it can provide examples of moles and nevi that have been found to be both malignant and benign. You will find many pictures of different moles and skin changes as well as whether they were found to be cancerous or not. There are a wide variety of examples, so the chances of finding one that is very similar to your own problem is quite high. Once you find a similar mole, you can see whether it needed further medical care and go from there. For many people, this level of information is enough to make a good judgment about whether a trip to the doctor is worth the time and expenditure.

If you have a suspicious mole, you should absolutely consult a doctor. But let’s face it–doctors are busy, and getting an appointment may takes weeks. If you don’t have medical insurance, there will be hundreds of dollars in medical bills as well, especially if the doctor decides to do a biopsy of the suspicious mole. Sometimes, you don’t have the resources for a trip to the doctor and you need a tool that will help you make a decision on your own. The internet provides many resources to help you do this.

A melanoma nevi gallery on the internet is not by any means a replacement for adequate medical care, but it can help you determine whether medical care is necessary. In an era with soaring medical expenses and rising insurance rates, many people are having to prioritize when it comes to their medical needs. Having a place where you can go for solid medical information is the first step toward gaining control over your health.

Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about melanoma nevi gallery [], please visit Melanoma Treatment Online [] for current articles and discussions.

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Starhill Towers & Gallery – Advice on The Business Bay Dubai Real Estate Properties

Starhill Towers & Gallery is a freehold commercial property that is located on a special category plot in Business Bay at downtown Dubai. Built by ETA Star, Starhill Towers & Gallery is the 31-storeyed tall office tower. The best part about Starhill Towers & Gallery is that you can get office space in competitive rate. To be precise, prices in Starhill Towers & Gallery starts from AED 1,178,100.

You can get freehold office spaces in the range of 934 sq ft to 1,645 sq ft at Starhill Towers & Gallery. Not only Starhill Towers & Gallery is equipped with all the modern amenities but also offers waterfront views for every office. The construction work is going very fast in Starhill Towers & Gallery and indications are that it would be finished by 2010.

Exotic experience

Starhill Towers & Gallery is the first commercial venture in Dubai that offers buyers a wide array of exotic experiences. As a matter of fact, Starhill Towers & Gallery is divided into four categories, namely, Feast, Indulge, Pamper and Muse.
Talking about Feast, it is a string of international themed restaurants giving you options galore in terms of food. On the other hand, Indulge is a world famous luxury fashion and jewelry brand. If you want to avail beauty services, there is Pamper for you. Last but not the least is the Muse, which is basically a cultural haven of photography, antiques and fine arts.


Ø Eating joints

Ø Health facilities

Ø Shopping malls

Ø 5-star hotels

Ø Swimming pools

Ø Excellent gym facility

Ø 24 hour Internet connection

Ø 24 hour security and maintenance

Ø Good parking facilities

Ø High speed elevators

Similar to other projects of ETA Star, Starhill Towers & Gallery is also a top-notch real estate project equipped with all the modern amenities that are essential for running a business. Location of the project is also quite good. As a matter it is ideal for doing business in Dubai. Even better, the rates are not that expensive as well.

According to media reports, there are plenty of finance choices available to real estate investors for this project. It is worth mentioning in this regard that ETA Star has collaborated with the First Gulf Bank and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank for this project due to which, investors can get more than 80 per cent finance for the project.

In short, investing in Starhill Towers & Gallery is recommended.

Read further on Starhill Towers & Gallery [] and other types Dubai Commercial and Residential real estate properties [] in the UAE region.

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